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Professional researching & writing partnerships

When you need to share information about healthcare, but you don’t have time to research and write high-quality content, the solution is TCI Publishing’s Editorial Services.

TCI launched its first healthcare product in 1992. Since then, tens of thousands in the healthcare community have relied on TCI’s respected editorial team for practical coding and compliance information in dozens of specialty areas.

Each member of our team has a rare combination of qualities:


  • A deep understanding of the intricacies involved in healthcare today
  • The ability to convey practical information using a clear and engaging writing style.

The purpose of TCI Publishing’s Editorial Services is to allow us to share our skills, helping others in the medical community turn their ideas for books, newsletters, journals, and other publishing projects into reality. Hospitals, health systems, practices, medical associations, and educational institutes all can benefit from working with our knowledgeable team of researchers and writers.

Streamline by Choosing TCI Publishing’s End-to-End Services

You can simplify the process of completing your publication by letting TCI Publishing handle your project from start to finish. From the made-to-order research and expert writing to the work required for prepress, printing, and distribution, TCI Publishing does it all. 


It really can be as simple as letting our team provide you with the content, print the product according to your specifications, and complete delivery to your audience.

What’s your idea for a medical coding publication?

Our professionals provide the research and content you need to transform your goal into reality.