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Here’s what we do & how we can help you

More than a decade ago, TCI Publishing got its start providing in-house design, printing, and distribution services to The Coding Institute, based in Durham, N.C. Now you can put those years of experience to work on your project.

Seeing a publishing project through to the very end requires a support team you can trust. TCI Publishing is that team.


From prepress design services to printing and distributing the final product, you can rely on TCI Publishing’s skilled specialists.


Yes, we have helped one client with more than 100,000 book copies. But your project doesn’t need to be that large for you to take advantage of everything TCI Publishing has to offer. One of the main benefits of choosing TCI Publishing is that our strong industry partnerships allow us to save you money on your project, no matter how small or large.


Why choose TCI Publishing?


  • We save you money.
  • We have highly skilled and experienced professionals working in our editorial, design, and printing teams.
  • We provide secure data transmission options.
  • We use high-end machines to ensure exceptional results.
  • We have a strong network of printing and logistics partners across the United States.

Interested in affordable, high quality publishing services?

That’s what TCI Publishing is all about.